War Brokers Scraper (wbscraper)

wbscraper is a python package for scraping data from a browser based multi-player first person shooter game War Brokers.
You can find detailed documentations in the documentation page.

Please note that wbscraper is still under rapid development, so you should expect:

  • Some parts of the package to have workflow-breaking changes without notice
  • Some features and documentations to be not available or incomplete
  • The package to be very unstable


You can install the latest version of wbscraper through a simple pip install command. pip3 install wbscraper

If you want to build the package yourself:
1.) Clone the repository. git clone git@github.com:developomp/wbscraper.git
2.) Navigate to the cloned directory. cd wbscraper
3.) Install packaging tools if it’s not installed. pip3 install wheel twine
4.) Install dependencies if it’s not installed. pip3 install requests beautifulsoup4
5.) Build package. python3 setup.py sdist bdist_wheel
6.) Navigate to dist/ directory. cd dist
7.) Install wheel(.whl) file. pip3 install <name>.whl


If you have any suggestions or errors to report, please put it in the Issues page.